Nicole Cusack was born in Alaska and spent summers helping her parents run their fishing and hunting lodge on Lake Iliamna. After going to school and gaining aggressive litigation experience working in the lower-48, she was drawn back to the fresh air and wild spirit of Alaska.

Nicole combines her Alaskan-grown perseverance, grit, and common sense with high-level litigation experience, providing her clients with the best of both worlds.

Nicole Cusack Law

Nicole has spent her legal career representing individuals in high-stakes litigation throughout the United States. She has fought and prevailed against the some of the biggest defendants in the country and will take on any giant to fight for justice and accountability.

The cornerstone of her practice is a client-first approach that ensures every decision she makes is tailored to provide aggressive and dedicated representation. Her consistent winning results prove the value of her uniquely attentive approach. Nicole believes that the only way to successfully represent her clients is to get personally involved.

“I get to know my clients, their families, their kids. In my practice, it is critical to truly understand the full extent of the impact of what a client has endured. When negotiating settlements or talking to juries at the courthouse, first and foremost, I am thinking about my clients and their families.”

- Nicole Cusack

Nicole began her practice with a prominent plaintiff firm in California. During these years, she developed the skills and refined the strategies necessary to effectively represent clients injured by the wrongdoing of others. She worked on cases representing individuals throughout the country in multi-million dollar litigation, including former players against the NFL for repetitive head trauma, aviation disasters, boating fatalities, product liability, premises liability, and catastrophic injuries.

Cusack’s Alaska Lodge, 1986

Nicole quickly distinguished herself as a dedicated and passionate advocate, with a unique ability to both build strong relationships with her clients and obtain significant results.

In 2016, Nicole founded Cusack Law, LLC, a specialized law firm devoted exclusively to representing plaintiffs throughout Alaska in personal injury and employment law. The bedrock of the firm is a progressive, client-first approach that combines highly personalized representation with a track record of proven results.

Nicole is licensed to practice in Alaska and California, as well as the United States District Court of Alaska.

Nicole earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Washington. She received her J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law. She also earned a master’s degree in business administration magna cum laude from St. Ambrose University.