Cusack Law is not afraid to aggressively take on the Goliaths to make companies pay when greed causes harm.

When big companies increase their profits at the expense of people's health and welfare, Cusack Law will fight back with toxic tort lawsuits that hold the companies accountable for what they have done.

A toxic tort case could be brought against a number of potential defendants, including a company that dumped the pollutants in the groundwater, a manufacturer of asbestos, a landlord who didn't properly make sure an apartment was free from mold or lead paint, or the manufacturer of a dangerous drug.

Corporate greed can make people sick and kill innocent victims. Too many companies are making money at the expense of their employees and their neighbors. Our attorneys work hard to investigate and litigate toxic tort cases.

Cusack Law welcomes calls about toxic chemicals that are dumped into the environment or that are used in the manufacturing process without proper protections.

Some specific instances

Contamination of groundwater or soil due to dumping of wastes and chemicals

Contamination of air/environment due to release of noxious gases or toxins

Chemical exposure in the workplace

Exposure to mold (especially dangerous types of black mold)

Asbestos exposure

Lead paint exposure

Toxins or dangerous chemicals in defective medications/drugs (often handled as a product liability case)