Cusack Law represents current and former employees in all types of employment law matters.

In employment cases, you're facing the most stressful challenge of your work-life.

The best workplaces treat every employee with respect and dignity. People are hired and promoted on the basis of ability. Discrimination and harassment have no place at work. At Cusack Law, when we take an employment law case to court, we present the case so that the jury understands that your livelihood, your career goals, and even your identity are at stake.

Wage and Hour Law
Pregnancy Discrimination
Gender Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Hostile Work Environment
Gender Motivated Violence

Race Discrimination
Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Age Discrimination
Disability Discrimination
Whistleblower Laws
Bonus Claims

Breach of Contract
Family Medical Leave Act
Class Actions

We also provide effective employment law counseling for companies and individuals, including conducting internal investigations and advising clients on workplace policies and practices, employee handbooks, employment contracts, severance agreements, executive compensation, and other employment-related agreements.

You shouldn’t have to pay to get the money your employer OWES YOU.

When you are afraid of losing your job or already have, the last thing you need to worry about is paying for an attorney.

Cusack Law is one of the only firms in Alaska that represents individuals on a contingency fee basis. Contingency fee means that you do not pay the standard hourly rates, but instead a percentage of the gross recovery is used as compensation to the Firm. If you don’t recover anything, neither do we.