Cusack Law will help you take action against your insurance carrier for acting in bad faith by delaying or denying the cost of property repair.

When disaster struck, you turned to your insurance company as your ally. But your insurance company turned out to be just another enemy. Cusack Law will be your ally and fight for you- to make your insurance company pay what you’re entitled to under your policy.

Property insurance is a crucial investment that doesn’t come cheap. You purchased what you believed was solid, sufficient coverage at a considerable cost to protect your property, whether for your business or your home. You thought that insurance bought you peace of mind only to have the insurance company deny, delay, or severely underpay your claim in your hour of need.

Cusack Law understands that these denials can have devastating financial effects on claimants whose properties are in need of urgent repair.

Protect your investment and recover what you are entitled to under your policy. Call Cusack Law today to discuss your situation with an insurance dispute lawyer.


Denied Property Damage Claims
Excessive Delays and Reporting Requirements for Property Damage Incidents
Failure to Promptly Pay Claims
Failure to Property Investigate and Assess Property Claims Promptly
Low-ball Claims Assessments and Settlement Offers
Accusations of Unmet Code Requirements